December 10, 2021

Welcome back! That was quick, again. 😄 We are already back with an update and have some great improvements to share 👇.

  • NEW Safe Spraying. Have a look at the safety checklist before starting a new job and be done documenting work safety requirements. Receive warnings about product usage and check re-entry periods and first possible harvest date in the field details.
  • NEW Teams & Timesheets. Setup and manage your teams easily. Start tracking hours worked in the app. Now it is possible to clock out the next day if your team is working night shifts. When submitting a timesheet it is possible to pick all job types (not just the custom ones). Last but not least, l see improved stats cards on top of the hours list.
  • Choose any product for any job type. Now you have the freedom to choose any of your products for any of the default job types.
  • Variety filter in harvest list. Stop scrolling your long list of harvest entries. Now you can easily filter your harvest according to variety. Select the category and the variety filter will show up. Easy!
  • Filter your jobs and cause. Thanks to this improvement now you can filter jobs according to the job type ( i.e. spray, fertigate etc). Have a look at certain jobs and causes that you are interested to review.

Keep sharing your feedback with us, and remember to review and rate us in the App Store or Google Play Store. Happy growing!

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