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Launching Multi-location jobs. Record multiple locations for the same job on your farm, delegate to crew members and track execution live in the app.

Grower-driven product development

Farmable has been working with fruit and tree crop growers for a little over two years with the goal of building a farm management platform that is easy to use.  With over 2,500 growers already using Farmable around the world to digitize their farms and capture their farm activities, we are deeply grateful for enthusiastic growers who offer their valuable product feedback. This reinforces our commitment to building software by growers, for growers.

We have calls every day with Farmable users across Australia, Germany, Spain, UK, and many more, learning things like,

  • what they like and don’t like about the Farmable App, 
  • how the job tracking system works, 
  • recording harvest records, 
  • importing spreadsheets of historic data or viewing spray records in our newly launched Web Portal. 

The birth of new features often comes directly from our users! Being able to have a conversation with a grower about what would improve the functionality of the App for their farming enterprise and then have a return call with a demo of the newly developed feature to make sure it has hit the mark is very rewarding for us.

Multi-location jobs

This month we launched a new feature, called Multi-Location Jobs, based on strong grower feedback. Imagine the challenge of the Farm Manager who has a collection of broken fence posts, irrigation leaks, rabbit holes, dead trees or branches, soil test sites and other tasks on the farm which need to be organized and assigned into a workflow.

Watch how to plan and delegate multi-location jobs

With Multi-location job the farm manager can save multiple locations for a job using GPS coordinates until they have all the points covered, and then delegate it to a team member to complete. The team member will receive the job with a description and see the map of the saved GPS locations to perform each task. As they get to each point and finish the task, they can tick them off as complete. As each task is completed, the point changes colour letting the user know which ones are completed and which ones are pending.

For the Farm Manager

Tap the Create (+) button, and create a job. Select Multi-location job, the nature of the job, add locations, assign the job to a crew member, select the date, and delegate.

For the Crew Member

Go to the job list, select the job delegated to you, start job, add images and/or comments as you complete each location. Once you have completed all locations, click finish, and you're done! Your job completion will automatically be sent to the Farm Manager. 

The farm manager could also send a Multi-Location job to an irrigation contractor who is not familiar with your farm. No need to drive down to a back plot to show someone the area that needed attention. It’s a simple way to communicate farm work with precision and it reduces the time and frustration spent on getting the work done.  

I encourage growers to just this feature a try and feel free to share your feedback with us.  The app is free to download and use, with no limits to the number of users you invite to your farm account. As we continue to develop both our user community and product, more exciting new features will become available thanks to the input of growers around the world. 

We would love to hear from you about how this feature and the Farmable app in general are working for your farm. So feel free to drop us an email at, or write to me directly.

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    G'day, I am Russell, General Manager at Farmable for Australia and New Zealand. I spend most of my time talking with growers to better understand how they use technology today and what their needs are for better software in the future. As an Australian living in Norway, it is great to be able to connect with Growers back home and around the world to help find solutions to modernize the Ag Industry.

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