Sales Management Module

Use this module to log your sales volumes, customers, quality and price. Keep track of developments over time. Take one step closer to automatically calculating profitability per field.

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The easiest way to keep track of your
sales revenue per field


See full overview of your sales revenues
in one place

  • Log and track sales volumes and revenue per variety,
    per customer
  • Easy overview of produce still in storage
  • Document crop quality with scores and images
    for each sale

Enable traceability from field to customer

  • Trace sold batches back to field and treatment logs
  • Be prepared for future supply chain traceability requirements

Go one step closer to estimating profitability per field

  • Sales are tagged directly to the respective fields
  • Simple visualization of your sales data
  • Review year-on-year trends

How to improve sales tracking on your farm

MOBILE APP Track the supply chain flow from field to customer


Register Harvest

Click on the "+"" icon in the Mobile App to register harvest


View Harvest Logs & Storage

Click on the Harvest icon in the App to view harvest logs. Toggle to Inventory to view storage logs.


Register Sale

Click the "+" icon in the App to register sales


View Sales Logs

Toggle in the App to the view sales logs


How to have an overview of your revenue

WEB PORTAL Get full overview of your field-wise sales revenue


Farm Revenue

Go to Farm Revenue to get an overview of field and variety-wise Sales Revenue



Go to the Customers tab to view Customer Lists


Keep track of your profitability


How can you estimate profitability per field?


There are three main components in estimating field profitability:

    • Sales Revenue
    • Labour Costs
    • Input Costs

    Through the Farm Management Platform, you can already track the first two, namely sales revenues (through the new Sales Management Module) and labour costs (through the Teams and Timesheets Module).


Upcoming Modules


As you use the Farmable Platform to log and track the various agricultural products you use in the field, you are automatically tracking one aspect of the input costs, i.e. cost of the products you use in the field. This is good first indicator.

However, we are building a more robust input cost tracking system which would include two new add-on modules:

  • Product Libraries Module: pre-populated lists of products as per your country/region.
  • Product Inventory Module: to track inventories of your products

Both new add-on modules are under development and will be ready for launch in the coming months.

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