Teams and timesheets module

Simple and accurate attendance and digital time tracking for your farm crew, automatically connected to the fields.

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Manage your Teams with Ease

  • Split your crew into teams with team leads authorized to report hours on behalf of their team members.
  • Have crew and teams clock in and out right from the mobile.
  • Have crew and teams easily connected their hours directly to the fields and tasks where the hours were spent
  • Easily export timesheets from XLS or CSV files that can easily be uploaded to your payroll or accounting system of choice
  • Track harvest per team and team members, so you can have the basis for piece rate compensation.

How to use it

When you have set up fields and job types in Farmable to suit your own farm, it will be very easy to get started with the Teams & Timesheet module. It will use the same fields and job types you have already set up, automatically logging the right hours to the fields.


Clock in as manager


Clock in as crew


Clock out


Submit hours at the end of day


Create your own team

Invite team leads and create your teams in the Web Portal


Clock in

Use the 'clock in' feature in the App your team can start recording their hours.


Clock out

Your team can 'Clock out' in the App to finish recording their jobs and hours, or 'submit timesheets' to record their hours worked at the end of the day.


View hours logged on the go

As a manager, you can get a quick overview of how many hours your employees and teams worked each day, the ongoing week, past month and this season, easily in the App.


Review and Export

Log in to the web portal to export your timesheet logs.


Why choose the teams and timesheets module?

  • Complete overview of hours worked per field per task every day.
  • With this module you will be able to calculate labor cost per field and per job, taking you one step closer to automatically calculating profitability per field.
  • Your crew gets a super easy way to correctly submit their timesheets.

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