Efficiency Designed by Growers, for Growers

Designed in close collaboration with Norway’s largest fruit farm, and growers around the world, we test every feature on the farm before rolling it out to you. We believe in building technology from the ground up and actively involve growers in the feedback process.

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Our Highlights

Making Technology Accessible to All Growers

Designed by growers, for growers
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Free Mobile

Free visualization of your farm´s field operations, sharing of notes, and tracking of activities



Farmable has no upper limit on the number of hectares you can map


Team Members

Add your entire team of farm managers, advisors and crew members at no extra cost


Unlimited Data

Store unlimited number of jobs, notes, photos, harvest


No Software
Installation Required

Download the Farmable App and you are ready to go


Easy on the

No startup software costs, and modular pricing depending on your needs

Farmable Farm Management Platform

We offer a freemium version of our Farm Management App to help you gather your field data through your mobile and view it easily on your desktop without the stress of mounting costs.


Value for Growers

Why You Should Join Us

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    Quick and fuss-free documentation

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    Stress-free orchard management from your phone

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    Freedom from paper and spreadsheets

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    Save time with audit-ready reports

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    Easy communication with your team members

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    Total control over your orchard


Empowering Farms Across the World

A global community of growers, advisors, and workers






Fields mapped



Notes created



Kms tracked



Jobs tracked

Why Growers Choose Us

It’s nice to see something that is just for our industry, we always feel pushed aside as fruit growers

Paul Seeley

Farm Manager, Alan Hudson Farm


I think it’s really great how the Farmable team involves the industry and our farm so intensively in the further development of the app. You’re doing a great job, keep it up!

Kilian Diethelm

Owner, Früchtehof Diethelm

Pomefruit, Stonefruit, Berriese

The app is actually like a tool. Very flexible and intuitive – and most importantly, I always have it on me. The best part is how I can customize the app to my production and not the other way around.

Dagobert Widemann

Owner, Obsthof Ainser-Widemann

Apple, Stonefruit


  • We recommend organizing your field boundaries according to your main crop treatment strategies. The “field” will be the central unit for all documentation and reporting, so you should keep in mind how you would ideally split various crops apart, both for internal cost analysis and for external documentation and reporting.

  • The Farmable app uses GPS for localization purposes and is designed to run off the GPS technology embedded in smartphones. The accuracy of the GPS in smartphones is improving quickly, but as of 2019 we recommend using an external GPS device, such as the Garmin Glo 2.0, to improve the accuracy of the GPS location data communicated to Farmable. We use this location data e.g. to measure the progress of a spraying job and determine when a job is complete.
  • For more information on GPS devices and how Farmable uses GPS technology, please visit our GPS Accuracy page

  • Our Farmable app and the web-portal (view access) will always be free to use for growers. It is important to us that any orchard can use the app to track observations or developments more easily without incurring expensive software start-up costs or software lock-ins.
  • In the course of this year, we will expand the online portal with a Farmable Store. In this store, we will provide add-on modules or other data-driven integrations (e.g. weather stations, sensors, disease prognosis). It is up to you to decide which of the available modules or integrated services are relevant for your operation and buy them there. You can find more information on this in the product page.
  • In a nutshell:
    • Farmable has no expensive software lock-in
    • You pay per farm, not per user
    • You get unlimited users (including workers and advisors ) per farm
    • You can select modules or integrations relevant to your farm and pay only for the add-ons you use

  • You are in control of who can access your data within the Farmable platform. It is up to you as the owner of your farm in Farmable to decide who you want to invite to your farm.
  • The level of access that your team members, who are associated with your farm in Farmable get, is dependent on the role that you assign the user. Read more about the roles here.
  • In general, team members such as Advisors or Crew, do not have administrative access to your farm and therefore cannot edit farm account information or change data such as your fields and products.
  • The Farmable team has access to aggregated and anonymized data in order to improve Farmable services and product offerings. We may also access your profile on an as-needed basis to support specific help requests.
  • You can read further about how your data is protected in Farmable’s Privacy Policy.

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