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Our free farm management app is uniquely designed for fruits and tree crops, but can be used for a wide variety of farming. With the app, you can visualize your farm's field operations, share notes, track activities and keep it all in your pocket.

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Works Across Devices

Our Farm Management App is accessible across mobile and tablet, on both Android and Apple.
The Web Portal is available on desktop with complementary features.


We offer a freemium plan which includes many data collection activities from the field as well as some overview functionalities.

  • Register field borders, visualize farm operations in a digital mobile map, and connect all field data in map interface, giving maximum overview.
  • Never forget a field observation again. Use field notes to record observations, images and GPS coordinates to simplify follow-up.
  • Full control of crop treatment activities. Calculators are used to get tank mixes right, work is visualized in real time.
  • Communicate with clarity. Send detailed job tasks to your team members, and stay updated with real-time notifications on job completion.
  • Overview of the field
  • View and filter jobs and harvest for easy analysis
  • Add product details, such as chemical products, to prepare your compliant documentation
  • These are also offered for free along with the App

Creating value for growers

Add-on modules offering enhanced value for your farm are available for purchase through the Farmable Store. These modules can be added on top of the free Farm Management App, and offers extra features like

  • Submit hours worked (Mobile App)
  • Audit-ready PDF for treatments reports (Web Portal)
  • Exportable logs of jobs, harvested crops, and hours worked (Web Portal)
  • Team management (Web Portal)
  • Timesheets (Web Portal)

Compare plans to see which add-on modules suit your needs.


How to use it

The setup is so easy, you don’t need us to do it for you. Just download the app and you’re ready to get started. We offer a range of tips and videos for beginners as well as advanced users.

To get maximum performance out of Farmable, take special care to set up your farms, register all fields according to your mandatory documentation requirements and needs. Invite your fellow farm managers, your crew, your seasonal workers, and your advisors. This way you set up Farmable as the infrastructure for improved communication between all involved parties.


Why choose the Farmable farm management app?

  • You'll get a better overview of ongoing activities on your farm.
  • Important tasks like spraying and fertilizing are done with better precision and better traceability.
  • Everything done through farmable is documented and stored in a way that you can easily reuse it for analytics and future references.
  • Good data is the starting point for all future improvement initiatives, ranging from changing agronomy strategies to the application of new technologies. Rest assured that with Farmable you are ready for a future of precision agriculture.

Who can use the Farmable app?

You can use this farm management app for all kinds of farms. However, we have optimised our app for all kinds of fruits and tree crops. For example,

  • Fruits, including apples, pears
  • Pome fruits, stone fruits
  • Nuts, including almonds, macadamia nuts
  • Berries, including strawberries, blueberries, blackberries
  • Grapes and Vineyards
  • Other specialty tree crops, including olives, avocados

Typically, farm owners, managers, workers, and agronomists use this software to simplify operations.


Is it safe to use?

People who do not have your permission cannot access your farm’s information in the app or the portal. Therefore, you are in charge of your operations with our farm management platform!

We promise that all your data remains safe and secured in our cloud interface. We use a world-class accredited cloud storage solution that meets ISO 25001 certifications for information management, ISO 27017 for controlling cloud-based information security and ISO 27018 for the protection of personal data.

Similarly, the GPS software helps improve accuracy of locations and fields on your farm when using the app. We do not use it for anything else.

Learn more about how we value data privacy.


Ready to Modernize your Farm?

For the wider reach and effortless understanding of the app, we have made it available in five languages
- English, Norwegain, Spanish, German and Dutch

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