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Launching the next stage at Farmable: from mobile app to web portal

Farmable began as a mobile app for farm management, built specifically for and by fruit and tree crop growers. The mobile app was a starting point for the platform, and we are excited to introduce the new web portal designed to make farm management even easier. With the addition of enhanced capabilities in the web portal, growers can view their farms with ease across mobile, desktop, and tablet.

While the mobile app functions as a data collection tool the web portal enables oversight and analysis; providing growers and advisors with the ability to look up spray reports and job logs quickly and efficiently. All reporting through the web portal is available for download with an export function.

Unlocking Reporting for Fruit and Tree Crop Growers

In line with the user-friendly design of the mobile app, the web portal offers an easy-to-use interface offering full oversight of your farm. You can create and export custom reports based on your requirements. Since we are in the beta phase, we offer unlimited exports, so feel free to try it out as much as you need.

Through the web portal, both farmers and their advisors can track jobs, view notes, and view harvest logs. Users can easily toggle between different farm sites, fields, field sizes, and crops. You also have the freedom to view  complete lists of jobs that are ongoing, completed, or overdue. View a log of all farm jobs to create reports based on crops, fields, dates, or job statuses. Reports are available for export as a PDF, XLS, or CSV.

Benefiting growers

  1. Complete overview of your field operations.
  2. Visualize inputs from your whole team and make informed decisions.
  3. Take the effort out of book keeping.
  4. Zero time on reporting.

When you plan, delegate and track your farming activities in the Farmable app, your spray log is automatically documented in the Farmable web portal. Just filter, export as PDF / XLS / CSV & you’re done! 

An evolving product

While the Covid-19 pandemic has been affecting the world since last season, we have been working closely with growers to develop the ideal web portal for fruit and tree crops. A select user base of highly motivated fruit and tree crop growers and their advisors have been giving their feedback on what is essential for them to see in a farm management software exclusively designed for them. 

There is a clear separation between the use cases for web and mobile. While the mobile app is essential to collect information such as field observations and crop treatment recommendations, the web portal is for viewing spray logs or scouting reports. Many growers have collected their 2020 season’s data through  the Farmable mobile app. Now with the Web Portal, you are able to export that data as reports which you can use as you see fit.

What you can do with the Mobile App and Web Portal

ActivityMobile AppWeb Portal
Draw FieldsYesNo
Plan, delegate and track jobsYesNo
View JobsYesYes
Create NotesYesYes
View NotesYesYes
Log HarvestYesNo
View Harvest LogsYesYes
Build/View Product listsYesYes
Build/View Cause listsYesYes
Build/Export ReportsNoYes

Farmable CEO and co-founder Lars Petter Blikom says having the inputs of global fruit and tree crop growers is essential, “It’s what Farmable has focused on since we began. We’ve always set out to produce an app that listens to and incorporates valuable feedback from the users in the field. Even as we launch the web portal for widespread use, we want to continue to encourage feedback from users as it is an evolving product. We strive to constantly improve.”

Beta testing and feedback

Our mobile app has come a long way in the last 12 months and it continues to develop. We are launching the beta version of the Farmable web portal, which is designed as a handy tool for reporting. This is just this beginning, so please feel free to share your feedback on what you like about the web portal, suggestions for improvement, or just an encouraging review.

What next?

If you are an existing user and have mapped your farms, jobs, etc. in the mobile app, you can log in to the Web Portal directly.

If you are a new user, download and register in the mobile app first to start mapping your farms, and gathering your data. You can then go to the Web Portal to start using it.

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