Reporting module

Export your data from Farmable, and use it for analytics and reporting. You can get both raw data logs and nicely formatted reports.

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Taking the Stress Out of
Compliance Documentation

Save time and improve efficiency on your farm.


We offer a freemium plan which includes many data collection activities from the field.

  • Treatment reports: Export your spray logs on a nicely formatted PDF report, suitable for sending information about chemical usage to your partners and stakeholders. The reports also come in handy in an audit.
  • Lists of all jobs logged at the farm, including a lot of data useful for identifying future improvement. The logs include tasks done, time spent, kilometers tracked, equipment used, crew responsible, and many more details.
  • Lists of all harvests for all fields. The logs allow you to keep track of your annual harvest volumes, quality and many other things

How to use it?

You can export data logs in the format you prefer (.csv or .xls) or as an auditable Treatment Report (PDF). When you use all available features linked to jobs in Farmable, you will be documenting all information that is required by most international quality standards for good agricultural practices.


Why chose the reporting module?

  • Save hours in the office because the data is easily available: Collecting all the needed data is a big part of any type of farm reporting. By using Farmable to manage your farm in your daily operations, you get all your data documented automatically.
  • Know your current performance better. Good data is the basis of sound knowledge of your own farming business.

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